New Trends in Myofunctional therapy
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Autores : Licia Coceani Paskay, Sabina Saccomanno, Anna Di Tullio ISBN : 9788870516302 Asignatura : ODONTOLOGÍA Editorial : Edi.Ermes Duración de la licencia (días) :
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Speaking about occlusion, muscles and posture is always very difficult, especially when the discussion is held by specialists with different backgrounds, who base their intervention and procedures on their specific expertise and knowledge. As a matter of fact, the complex topic requires a multidisciplinary approach that describes the viewpoint of orthodontists, osteopaths, speech therapists and otorhinolaryngologists. Therefore, the volume, Myofunctional Therapy and Orthodontics is a set of reflections useful to clarify the validity of myofunctional therapy and to give a univocal address to the criteria of diagnostic assessment and treatment of problems that require the intervention of different professionals.

Hence, the text proves to be a practical, useful and innovative guide to understand the importance of functional balance between the craniofacial region and the posture.

The volume also provides practical tools. Myofunctional Therapy Diary and Tongue Diary, dedicated to young patients, offer a guide to a wide range of exercises that should be performed at home. A video series shows and explains myofunctional therapy exercises.