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Autori : Lorenzo Pinessi, Salvatore Gentile, Innocenzo Rainero ISBN : 9788870514094 Rivista in abbonamento Materia : NEUROLOGIA Editore : Edi.Ermes Durata della licenza (in giorni) :
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Neurology Book contains the basic knowledge (semiology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology) without which it is impossible and hazardous to attempt to learn and practice clinical neurology.
Neurology is a complex discipline. The brain is not accessible to direct examination, since it is enclosed in the cranium: however, clinical examination alone provides neurologists with a means of identifying, even with millimeter precision, the site of a lesion (cerebral or spinal).
The discipline of neurological semiology is based on knowledge of the neurological signs and/or symptoms of the various diseases of the nervous system. The diagnosis demands logical consideration of the patient's history and neurologival examination, sometimes with recourse to imaging techniques in order to confirm the diagnostic hypothesis.